About Us

I am a biomedical engineer turned artist that has with professional experience designing custom silicone devices. I first had the idea for Pandoras Coxxx back in 2021 when I was making custom molds for simulated wound care products. When I was working on the project, my favorite part was spending the time to learn about all of the different material properties and their possible uses and then implementing them to make high fidelity, safe, and unique products that have never been on the market before. I started thinking about how I can implement what I know and love to reach even more people and thought “It would be awesome if I could change how boring and unsafe sex toys have become”.

By having a custom approach, I get to make something truly unique for each customer and also provide my customer safe products by using platinum silicones. Platinum silicone is used in breast implants unlike many of the other shops that use PVC as the material or various other porous materials.

By purchasing a product with Pandoras Coxxx, you will get a customized toy as a result of your choice in funding the advancement to a safer industry.