Our premium platinum silicone is a superior material when it comes to safety, strength, and durability, but it is not invulnerable to tears and rips. Please do not let sharp objects, including finger nails or teeth, come into contact with the toys (as tempting as it may be to bite and grab).


How do I care for my product?

  • Wash with odorless, non-abrasive soap and warm water, or use a silicone toy cleaner
  • Clean before and after every use
  • Toys are boil safe, but if you boil, be sure to raise off the bottom of the pan so to not be in direct contact with the pan
  • Toys are dishwasher safe, although, can lead to damaging the products

What materials are the toys made from?

Smooth-On Platinum Silicones. Platinum silicones are body safe, hypoallergenic, and durable. All pigments used in the silicone are mixed into the silicone and encapsulated by the silicone, so they will never come in contact with the body. 

 What Lubricants can I use?

All toys sold at Pandoras Coxxx are compatible with silicone base lubricants and water based lubricants. Water based lubricants dry/absorb quicker so can be better for butt plugs and alike. Simply re-apply before removal. Silicone base lubricants don't dry as quickly

Can I share my toy?

We do not recommend sharing toys due to the chance of spreading diseases

How should I store my toy?

We recommend keeping out of contact with any toys made from a non-platinum silicone. Vinyl's and tin silicones can disturb the chemical composition of the toy, so keeping it separated from all non-platinum silicones is recommended.

Do you make custom design requests?

Yes! Message us at our "Contact" page and we can have a discussion.